How To Connect Jio Phone With Your PC / Laptop

If you’re searching for the method to Connect Jio Phone With PC / Laptop, You have landed in a right place. here in this post, We’ll let you know that how you can connect your Jio Phone or Jio Phone2 using some simple methods. We’ve also mentioned that after connecting your Jio Device with your laptop or computer what you can do and what you can not do. So, without further ado let’s get started.

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Jio Phone & Jio Phone2 are the two featured phones that Reliance Jio has come up with. From the day Reliance has launched these devices, Everyone was eagerly waiting to buy one. There were many people who can not afford the high-end devices to enjoy different features like Whatsapp, Speedy Browsers, Live TV and ability to connect the device directly to the Smart TV.

How To Connect Jio Phone With Your PC / Laptop

Reliance Jio focused these people and have launched these featured phones in which you can Install:

  • WhatsApp On Jio Phone
  • Opera Mini, UC Browser, Chrome Browser On Jio Phone.
  • Facebook On Jio Phone
  • JioTV, JioCinema To Watch Live TV

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When the company has launched these devices, a Huge number of people bought this Jio Phone, Jio Phone2. People who already have a smartphone has also bought one because of the features under this device in such an affordable price.

What You Can Do & What You Can’t Do After Connecting Jio Phone / Jio Phone2 With Your laptop / Computer

There is no second thought that this a beautiful and powerful device under a few bucks. But, we all know that this is a Featured Phone and we can not do everything and absolutely anything that a smartphone can do.

There is pros and also cons in featured phones. So, we have to understand that the capability of this Jio Phone or Jio Phone2 is somewhat limited.

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The developers are working on their side. But still, the Jio Phone software is not that updated yet where you can Connect Jio Phone With Your PC / Laptop and can do almost anything. So, the possibilities after connecting this Phone will be very much Limited.

How To Connect Jio Phone With PC / Laptop

In order to Connect Jio Phone With PC / Laptop (i.e. Computer). The most important thing is a Micro USB to USB Connector.

You can easily buy a Micro USB to USB Connector from the marker or from an online store like Amazon & Flipkart.

Once you get one, you are ready to connect your Jio Phone or Jio Phone2 with your Computer/laptop.

Connect one end of the Micro USB to USB Connector on your Jio Phone’s port and connect the other end of the port with your Computer. Once done, you’ll be able to see the message on your screen that your device is successfully connected with your Computer or Laptop.

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Next Step: After Connecting JioPhone2 With Computer

Now, open My Computer on your computer in order to get access to your Jio Phone’s data. You can now Copy and Paste the data on your computer OR you can copy the files from your computer and directly paste them into your Jio Phone’s memory (i.e. Internal storage & SD Card).

Can You Connect Jio Phone as a Modem in your Computer / Laptop

The one word answer is No, You can not Connect your Jio Phone as a Modem in your Laptop or PC. Why? Because the Jio Phone / JioPhone2 the Bluetooth of Jio Phone does not allow their users to use it as an Internet Modem.

Possible Or Impossible ?

It might be possible to use your Jio Phone OR Jio Phone2 as a Modem in your Laptop or PC once the Jio will make a Software update in Future for their device.

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