Jio 5G Sim Out Now? – Know The Registration Process, Plans & Offers on Upcoming Reliance 5G Network

Jio 5g Launch Date in India | Jio 5g Mobile Booking | Jio Phone 5G Price – Can you guess the name of the telecom sources which is considered to be the fastest as well as speediest in today’s generation? Well, if your answer is a big NO, then we must tell you that it’s none other than “Reliance Jio” which is giving their competitors the toughest competition regarding the networks. Today in this post we’ll discuss the news that is spreading all over the internet which is Jio 5g Launch Date.

{Updated – August 2019}

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Jio 5G Technology Updates

Previously, JIO has come up with their network of 4G LTE which immensely left everyone with a shock of their network speed they were providing to their JIO Customers. This time also JIO has stood up with something new and is planning to launch their 5G Technology very soon. Reliance Jio Executive had recently talked about their latest 5G Technology.

Although according to the latest sources, Airtel had also announced their 5G Internet Connection to be set up in India. You must also be aware that the Biggest Competitor of Reliance Jio is Bharti Airtel. So what will you expect? Is Reliance Jio will be able to beat up the other telecommunication sources with their latest 5G Internet?

YES, you guessed it right! Welcome to www.Jio.Services.

Quick Information About Jio 5G

Company Reliance Jio
Product Jio 5G Connection
Launch Date Soon…
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This Website www.Jio.Services

This article is based on the latest Reliance Jio 5G Technology which had been announced by the Jio Executive. Here we had provided you with the all the info. relating to the Latest Jio 5G Technology.

Reliance JIO had moved forward and announced their Jio 5G Internet Services in India just to meet the expectations of their Indian Customers. Although the competitors of JIO like IDEA, Vodafone, Airtel etc. do not seem to be happy enough, after knowing about the new step taken by Jio.

Reliance Jio 5G Plans & Price In India – August 2019

Talking about the other sources like Vodafone, Airtel, IDEA in which, Vodafone is still in a queue for announcing their 5G Internet Services like Jio, which is to be launched in India.

On the other hand, Airtel seems to be worried about the Pricing of its 5G Internet Packages as they are actually waiting for Jio to first announce their own 5G Internet Packages and so that afterwards they can decide their own plans.

Jio 5G Connection

The main motive of Reliance Jio behind launching the latest 5G Technology is to build a good network of series and coverage throughout India. But currently, Jio Network Towers are supporting only 4G Compatible and not the 5G because that network will not be supported directly without any modification in their machinery to work easily & smoothly in the local area.

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Jio 5g Launch Date in India

Jio internet connection with 5G technology might take 7 to 8 months for building a Good 5G Network Zone for all the metro cities of our country. This also led to the benefits for small towns & villages of Internet Connection in the area.

Jio 5g Mobile Booking & Price –  August 2019

As of now, no other telecom company has their 5G services launch or in working condition because everyone in the telecom industry is setting up their connections for their future services like 5G.

Reliance Jio is also setting up making their connections by installing more Jio Tower Installation (You can earn free money every month, up to 50 – 60 or even 80 Thousand by working for Reliance Jio. CLICK HERE TO KNOW) All this, is currently running for nothing but to give you a strong connections and high 4G speed.

5G Can not be used under a 4G compatible smartphone. So, we can expect that the Jio can launch their own 5G Smartphone where they’ll gonna give many high features as compare to a regular 4G Smartphone. let’s see when the reliance Jio launch their –

  • Jio 5G Mobile Booking
  • Jio 5g Mobile Price
  • Jio Phone 5G

Reliance Jio 5G Registration To Buy Jio 5G Sim Online – August 2019

As we already told you that the officials’ update is yet to come and all we can guide to for the Jio 5G Registration OR Jio Phone 5G Registration is that all this can be or may be available on the official Jio Website. where you can easily add it to the cart and make payment to buy one for you.


There can be other options as well where you can Buy Jio 5G Sim Offline by visiting to the Jio Store Near You along with your ID Proof and some other documents like your passport size photograph. And can buy 5G Sim For yourself.

Want To Search Jio Stores Near You?

Well, here on www.Jio.Services we always try to provide you as much information as we can. You can easily search your nearby store by going to our menu, you can easily find the tab named “Jio Stores”. Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear. Now, select your city and click on the result. You’ll then lead to a new window where you can find all the available jio stores in different places. Click on your nearest place and all the information related to that Jio Store will be displayed on your screen. (i.e. Full Address, Email ID, Contact Number & more.)

Plans For Reliance Jio 5G Internet – August 2019

All the customers here out must be aware of the fact that everytime Reliance Jio comes up with their new ideas & technologies for their Jio Customers. Right? So you must also be aware that Jio has its policy of giving free services to their existing customers but only for the initial stage of launching its new service for the nation like Jio Giga Fiber Broadband or Jio DTH Services.

Still Confused? For how many days or months will the free services be provided? Then let us tell you that the customers will be benefited with the Free Jio 5G Internet Services in your mobile phones for up to 2 Months or 60 Days.

How To Activate Jio 5G SIM – Steps To Follow

Didn’t know how to activate your new Jio SIM in your mobile? Well, all you need to do is to first purchase a Jio 5G Sim from your nearby recharge shop and then do follow these simple & easy steps for the activation of your new Jio 5G Sim.

  1. Firstly, if a user wants to activate his/ her both Voice & Data Services, then dial “1977” in a text message & send it from your Jio Number.
  2. For Tele-verification, the user will receive a confirmation message from Jio.
  3. For confirmation, use the last 4 digits of the submitted identity i.e; Aadhaar or Voted ID Document.
  4. Your Jio SIM will be activated within 1 to 2 hours. Although, there are some cases in which Jio Sim takes up to 4 to 5 hours for the activation process.
  5. By entering your newly purchased Jio Mobile Number, data services will automatically gets activated on your Jio mobile phone. The user will get 5G Data on their mobile phones with free 2GB daily, which after some time will turn into Unlimited 5G Plan.

Jio 5G Speed

According to the sources, it is expected that the speed of Jio 5G will range from 1GBPS to 100GBPS. But still, we have to wait until the Reliance Jio introduces its 5G Technology. As you all are aware of the fact that Jio 4G’s price was much cheaper than those of Airtel & Vodafone.

The 5G Internet will be so fast and advanced that a user can download a file size of 80MB from the Internet just in a second. By the time, you may have guessed it now.

Yes! Absolutely you are right!

The Downloading Speed of 5G Internet is Minimum 80 Mbps. Everything will become soo easy and beneficial for us either in Watching Movies & Videos or Playing Online Games or Video Chats (without buffring) only with Jio 5G Internet.

Jio 5G Device

The only primary organization in India to launch VoLTE services was “Reliance Jio”. After that Airtel also launched VoLTE which too includes for the latest Smartphones. So the question is which type of Gadgets will support Reliance Jio 5G Service or any other 5G Services.

In today’s generation, our requirement is for that sort of Smartphone which can support 5G Services. Even after your 5G Internet gets expired

Jio 5G Router

Although the 4G Router had not been introduced yet that is why 5G router information is also not yet sure till now. Might be after the introduction of 5G Technology & 4G router, Reliance Jio may reveal some information regarding their router.

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  1. I want to buy Jio Home TV or Smart Home instead of any Disc TV or cable connection.
    Please confirm whether the same is launched in market.
    How it is made available to customer?
    What are the plans and send me with the link to register and buy online?
    Please send the details of plans and prices.

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