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jiofi.local.html | How Can I Reset JioFi Login Password If Forgot | Login Portal | Router Setup of JioFI Configure – Sounds familiar? well, we Jio.Services have made this portal just for you where we have given every single step with in-depth details about JioFI so you’ll not end up confused. Below what you’ll find is complete information and all you have to do is read carefully and if you have any query just feel free to ask 24×7.

But First Welcome To Jio.Services/Jiofi-Local-html [Information Updated September 2019]

Please Note: We have written every single information because there are a lot of people who still don’t know about JioFi.Local.Html. So, We recommend you to stay connected to this post.

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For Those Who Don’t Know About JioFi.Local.Html

JioFiLocal.Html or | is a portal where the admin can easily access the router admin page.

But How Can I Access This JioFi Router Admin Portal / Page?

It’s Quiet simple. All you have to do is just copy and paste one of this URL’s

jiofi.local.html OR

In the search bar of your browser and that’s it!

Now, What you can do once you go to JioFiLocal.Html?

Well, you can do many things once you have logged in to JioFi Router Admin Portal / Page as you are the admin you have the complete access to…

  • Change / Update Passwords
  • WiFi Network name
  • DNS, Proxy, PPPoE, MAC
  • network management, security options
  • WiFi Network name, IP QoS
  • WPS, DSL, DHCP client
  • LAN, WAN, WLAN settings

Later in this post, we will also discuss what is JioFi Local Html & How each router comes with an IP address which gives you access to the administrator dashboard.

I’m Confused! How Can I Manage and Setup My JioFi Router?

Don’t worry, Once you purchase the JioFI router, the further process of setting up the device is pretty easy.

Now we will quickly tell you how you can follow the procedure of setting up the JioFI Router.

As of now, The company has released multiple models of JioFI i.e. Jio portable hotspot devices. (We will talk about particular devices and it’s feature late in this post) These devices have changed the way of using the WIFI because it gives you the portability to go anywhere and your high-speed 4G data will be on your side every time.

URL (Jiofi.Local.Html) & IP addresses For JioFi |, 192.168.l.l, or 192.168.l.1

Now, Let us give you the quick information about the IP address and URL for JioFI Router.

In a simple language, Each and every router comes with an address (i.e., 192.168.l.l, or 192.168.l.1) that gives ADMIN access to the administrator dashboard, These addresses are called IP address. you can learn more about IP address on Wikipedia.

When you have the access to administrator dashboard you can manage your device completely, we have already mentioned the points in the beginning.

The most common IP Address is OR You can simply do the login process by visiting the official site of JioFi router as well, which is JioFi.Local.Html

Once you are on the admin portal after entering the URL or IP address in the search bar of the device which is connected to your JioFi Router. A login box will then appear on your browser screen.

use admin or administrator for both passwords & username

I Have Successfully Logged Into JioFi Local HTML Dashboard, Now What?

See, We told you that the process is pretty easy.

Now when you have the complete access of the administrator dashboard of the WiFi device, You can follow the further procedures mention below about manage and configure your router.

i.e. Change / Update / Forgot WiFI passwords, managing your SSID, Monitoring and managing devices which are connected to the same hotspot and more…

How To Use Jiofilocal.Html & Configure The Device

Now, here comes the hot topic of JioFi. You have purchased the device and get access to the administrator dashboard but don’t know the procedure to set up or configure the device.

Well, this process is also as simple as the previous ones that we’ve told you. For your ease, we have also attached the graphics and pictures along with the steps so you easily understand the steps. So, let’s come straight to the topic…

Complete Steps To Configure & Set up JioFi by Logging into Jiofi.Local.Html

  • First, Open your browser and in the search bar, fill the URL [ http://jiofi.local.html/ ] or IP address. (for those who are using Jio Dongle need to fill up the search bar with http://jiodongle.local.html/)

Jiofi.Local.html Username and JioFi Login Password Reset

  • You will now re-direct to the main page where a pop-up box will appear where you have to fill up your login credentials i.e. administrator. After that, hit “Log in” button.

Jiofi.Local.html Username and JioFi Login Password Reset

  • you will now re-direct to the main window after the verification is done.
  • After that, Go to the Setting and click on the WiFi in order to change the SSID of WiFI (WiFi Network Name).

Jiofi.Local.html Username and JioFi Login Password Reset

  • You can also change the default password by going to Settings > WiFI and then Password.
  • Changing the username of the device can also be done by going to Settings and then User Management.

DONE, That is pretty it!

Still Having trouble to log in to the router even after you followed every step carefully?

Well, There’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to follow a procedure to reset your Jiofi WiFi router OR the second method that you can follow is to Upgrade The Firmware Of Device.

Fortunately, We have already covered these topics for you so you can just relax and follow the steps. Below are the links that will lead you to the particular pages. Follow other procedure IF the one is not working.

JioFi Hard Reset

Upgrade JioFi Firmware

So Now, Let’s dive further in these topics and talk about how you can Change / Update The JioFi SSID Password & Username because most of the time the user forgets his/her password and they start thinking how they can reset or update the same. Down Below, is the complete and easy method for you.

Complete Procedure to Change / Update The JioFi SSID Password & Username

Finding it hard to remember your JioFi SSID and Password? Now we will tell you the complete but easy procedure to change your SSID or Password of your JioFi. This procedure has only a few steps, Just follow it accordingly and you’re good to go.

For this first, you have to connect your device with your JioFi WIFI over WiFi or USB.

How to Change Update JioFi SSID Password and Username Image 1

  • Now, go your browser and in search bar fill this URL http://JioFi.Local.Html OR if you’re using Jio Dongle then fill this one – http://jiodongle.local.html/
  • On the left side of the page, You will find a link named “Login” click on that link.

How to Change Update JioFi SSID Password and Username Image Number 2

  • Login Box will now appear. Fill in your login credentials USERNAME & PASSWORD. (by default the username and password will be administrator)
  • Now when you’re on the main page, Click on the WiFi and then go to the Security Key section in order to change the Password.
  • Here you can Change / Update your SSID Username.

How to Change Update JioFi SSID Password and Username Image Number 3

  • Now hit apply to update your  New Password and New Username.
  • Restart the WiFi module to ensure that the cases have been saved successfully.
  • Try to login with your new Username and Password. If you’re successfully logged it means that the changes have been saved.
End Up Getting More Confused?

Well, Here is the official video in which they’ve described the whole procedure by using very easy to understand language. (must watch)

Now, we will focus on some other important points that you might know but it’s better to read once.

We get so many queries regarding the battery percentage, They usually ask that…

I Want To Check Battery Percentage In My Jiofi Device

Yes, every electronic device has a disadvantage which is “We have to charge them” and the company has made a simple process that the device owner can follow in order to check the percentage of the device.

Steps How To Check JioFI Battery Status - Battery Percentage in Jiofi.Local.Html - Image

Complete Steps To Check JioFI Battery Status / Battery Percentage in Jiofi.Local.Html

  1. For this, you can use any of these URL’s  jiofi.local.html (recommended)  | OR http://192.168.l.l/
  2. On the corner, you’ll see a login button. Click on that link and complete the login process.
  3. User password and username as administrator.
  4. Now, select the JioFi settings and after that click on the WiFi tab present there.
  5. You should check that the AES is set under the wireless encryption type & the Wi-Fi security is set to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.
  6. Now, There will be an option named Battery Capacity Space. Click on that button and you will able to see the percentage of your battery.

How To Update Latest Jiofi Firmware?

We told you that if your configuration for JioFi Router is not done successfully. You might have to upgrade your Firmware of the device. Now, as promised, here are some very quick steps that you can follow:

Complete Step By Step Guide For Jiofi Firmware upgrade To Latest Version

  1. For this, you have to go to the JioFi firmware website by typing this URL – jio.local.html into the search box.
  2. Complete the Login Procedure by filling the username and password as “administrator” (if you’ve not changed the default credentials).
  3. Scroll and search the Settings tab and then click on the Firmware Upgrade.
  4. You will see installed version of firmware under the Device Software Version on the same page.
  5. Now, click on the browse button present right after the software upgrade button.
  6. Select the latest version that is listed on the page.
  7. Now hit Apply button and you’re done.

See, every procedure that we’re telling you is in simple and easy to understand language.


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Now, We will dive furthermore in the topics and will talk about the HD Voice Calls, Video Calls. Yes, for those who don’t know, You can do HD voice and video calling using Jiofi. Down below we will guide you step by step that how you can do the same.

How To Do Voice Calls - Video Calls from 2G, 3G, 4G Device -Smartphone with Jiofi

So Here is the main question…

I Want To Do HD Voice Calls, Video Calls From My 2G | 3G | 4G Smartphone with JioFi, How To Do It?

Amazed right? How a single device can give you so many possibilities and features. Now you can do all video calls and voice calls with the help of your JioFi Device. To get started all you have to do is just download the Jio4G Voice App into your mobile phone.

When you’re done with the downloading and installation part, Connect your JioFi network with your device. Then you will unlock all the possibilities in order to make calls and video calls by entering the Jio network.

How To Do Voice Calls - Video Calls from 2G, 3G, 4G Device -Smartphone with Jiofi IMAGE 2

According to your plan, you will able to choose whether you call national and international. If you wanna call to your loved one anywhere in India, Then it is possible to make all types of national calls in the normal plans of Jio.

On the other hand, if you are going to call International then you have to select one of the Jio’s international call packs plans. You also have complete access to make HDvoice calls & video calls with the help of Jio4G Voice App over the Jiowifi.

Complete Steps To Make HD Voice Calls, Video Calls Using JioFi

  • For this, you first have to connect your mobile phone with the JioFi WiFi Network.

How to Make Calls Using Jiofi Device

  • Now, Open the Jio4Gvoice app because now you have to accept all the in-app permissions.
  • Now go to your dial pad and dial a number OR you can just go to the contacts select the contact and tap the call button.

How to Make Calls Using Jiofi Device

  • Then, Jio4G Voice app will automatically appear with the selected contact.
  • There will be 3 Buttons. 2 GREENS & 1 GREY
  • The left green button will dial a Video Call to the person.
  • The Center Green button will dial a Voice Call to the Person.
  • Where the Grey button will dial a Normal Call to the Person. (see the image)

Complete Steps To Make HD Voice Calls, Video Calls Using JioFi


  • Go to the messaging section of the JIO4G VOICE APP.
  • Select The person that you want to send the SMS.
  • Type and Send. That’s it!
Still Confused?

Well, Here is the official video in which they’ve described the whole procedure by using very easy to understand language. (must watch)